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About The Transformative RaniPill® Capsule

Rani Therapeutics has developed a disruptive technology for the oral delivery of biologics. The RaniPill® Capsule is an innovative robotic pill that moves fully intact through the stomach, where acids typically break down drugs, and then reaches the intestine, where it delivers the drug via transenteric injection. The injection is painless, and the drug is rapidly absorbed.

High Bioavailability

Delivered through the highly vascularized intestinal wall.

Minimal Discomfort

The self-inflating balloon has been designed to minimize GI discomfort.

Scalable Design

Vertically integrated manufacturing strategy allows for rapid product iteration and the ability to rapidly scale manufacturing capacity.

Agnostic to Payload

Can accommodate therapeutic peptides, proteins, antibodies and nucleotides.

Clinical Data

The RaniPill™ capsule demonstrates encouraging results in humans.

Strong Patent Position

Covering both the platform and drugs in combination with the platform.

How It Works.

With deep experience in engineering and material science, we designed the RaniPill capsule to ensure that the drug stays protected within the pill until injected.

The RaniPillcapsule moves through the stomach – where acids typically break down drugs – intact and then reaches the intestine where it delivers the drug into the intestinal wall. The highly vascularized intestinal wall allows the drug to be absorbed rapidly.


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